NUDO design  

Relative to the human body or its parts, not covered by garments, naked. Also, referred to things that are without any usual, possible ornaments and decorative objects. Simple. 

Nudo design is a Warsaw based design studio that creates minimalist furniture and accessories.

We translated above a definition of an Italian word NUDO that inspires us while creating spaces around us. We think it is essential to create simple things that make our surroundings beautiful in an effortless way but also we like to play with our senses as means by which we perceive the world around us. Qualities discovered by touch are very powerful. The feeling of materials under our fingers is a superb experience. Our prime material is wood which if polished at first seems perfectly smooth but suddenly surprises us with all kinds of sensations created by years of growth that flourished with grinds and veins. Having such an explosion of senses, we want to limit shapes of our products to minimal and follow their basic forms combining curves with straight and sometimes heavy lines. 

We believe that it is necessary to create simple things that bring a minimal and modern look to the interior design.

We want to make our surroundings simply beautiful. 

NUDO design

is an Italian - Polish mix of strong minimalistic aesthetics, craftsmanship tradition and PR/architectural background. 

Domenico Russo

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Kaja Ałaszkiewicz

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