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Team NUDO design

Kaja and Domenico created a Polish-Italian design studio and manufacture- Nudo design that produces minimalist wooden furniture and accessories for modern interiors. Functional design means simple and sometimes even heavy shapes, which in their modesty are not ordinary and very practical. That is why we limit the lines of our products to a minimum and follow their basic forms.


Nudo in Italian means “nude”. We want our furniture to be like a naked bodies, which gain clothing and individual style through accessories. We want each of you to use our furniture as a starting point for further interpretations. We believe that it is necessary to create simple products that bring a minimal and modern look to the interior design.


We like to play with our senses as means by which we perceive the world around us. Qualities discovered by touch are very powerful. The feeling of materials under our fingers is a superb experience. Our prime material is wood which if polished at first seems perfectly smooth but suddenly surprises us with all kinds of sensations created by years of growth that flourished with grinds and veins.


Lines and curved shapes are meant to attract eyes, but not overwhelm the interior. Nudo refers to things that are without any usual ornaments and decorative objects. We keep the silhouettes of our products to a minimum. We think it is essential to create simple things that make our surroundings beautiful in an effortless way. We want to make our homes simply beautiful. 


Every product is a result of a simple work of four hands in a small manufactory, which produces in the spirit of slow design. Nudo design is made of just the two of us: Domenico is responsible for the technical side of design. He cuts and prepares the wood which is then put together. Kaja on the other hand is a communication master. She is the one who you communicate with on a daily basis but also she is in charge of the finishing process. Every element needs to be examined and then secured for its everyday use with natural based hard wax oils.


Manufacture gives us great freedom to create. Many people are surprised by how flexible we are in the production process of our furniture. Since they are all made to order, changing the dimensions, color or type of wood is not a problem for us. All you need to do is get in contact with us. 

Fornir dębowy
Fornir dębowy

Polish Italian creative duo

is an Italian - Polish mix of strong minimalistic aesthetics, craftsmanship tradition and PR/architectural background. 


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